Examination Malpractice, Forms, Causes, Effects and Preventions

Olusola November 27, 2023

Examination time is very special in schools. At this time, students try as much as possible to gather enough knowledge about a subject, topic or skill in a short period… Read more

Civic Education Examination For Primary 3 – Third Term

Olusola April 25, 2023

Try out the Nigerian civic education examination for primary 3. You can also download the examination question for free or print out directly. This examination contain topics on National symbols,… Read more

BST Science 3rd Term Examination (primary 3)

Olusola April 25, 2023

Take some time to check out the Basic Science and Technology Examination for primary three (3rd term). You can equally download the questions for your students. The topics covered include… Read more

PVS History Exam Primary 3 (1st term)

steve September 8, 2022

Hello! This is the Prevocational Studies examination for 1st term. This exam is for primary 3. Take exam on Nigeria history. Have fun and share with friends. Read more

JAMB Literature 2010

steve April 30, 2022

Take JAMB Literature practical exam for 2010 online. This offer student’s the opportunity to practice and work on the literature in English exam for the year 2010.   Read more

Nigeria general knowledge examination

steve March 31, 2022

Try out the Nigeria general knowledge exam today and you will be glad! It contains topics relating to arts , environmental studies , economy, sports, entertainment, geography among others. This… Read more