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Welcome to the online Common Entrance Examination into Secondary School page! This page is designed to provide you with all the information you need to know about the examination for students hoping to be enrolled in secondary school.

Common Entrance Examination is a test taken by students in their final year of primary school. The exam is designed to assess the student’s knowledge and understanding of the subjects they have studied in primary school. The subjects tested in the examination typically include English Language, Mathematics, and General Knowledge.

The examination is a means of ensuring that students are adequately prepared for the rigours of secondary education. The exam also provides a level playing field for all students, ensuring that admission into secondary school is based solely on merit.

Benefits of Common Entrance Online:

Taking the Common Entrance Examination online has several benefits.

  1. It saves money for schools by reducing the need for printing exam papers and other materials. It also requires less staffing for invigilation, where applicable.
  2. It eliminates the need for students to travel to a physical location to take the exam, making it more convenient and accessible.
  3. Online testing also ensures that the exam is administered fairly and consistently, with no room for human error or bias.
  4. It offers ease of management for student’s data. All data is stored in the cloud and can easily be accessed and managed.
  5. Offering the Common Entrance Examination online can make your school stand out among other secondary schools. It shows that your school is forward-thinking, innovative, and committed to providing the best learning experience for students.

How to Register

To register your school for the Common Entrance Examination, please contact us using the media below. Our team will guide you through the registration process and provide you with all the information you need for your school.

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