Coding Exam – Crystal Havens Academy 2

Olusola March 21, 2024

Welcome. This examination is a coding test for year 3 and 4 pupils in Crystal Havens Academy Galadimawa, Abuja. Take some time to try out this coding examination centered on… Read more

Coding Exam – Crystal Havens Academy 1

Olusola March 21, 2024

Hello, this exam is a coding examination for pupils in Crystal Havens Academy Galadimawa, Abuja. This exam is for pupils in Year 1 and 2. Try this coding examination centered… Read more

Examination Malpractice, Forms, Causes, Effects and Preventions

Olusola November 27, 2023

Examination time is very special in schools. At this time, students try as much as possible to gather enough knowledge about a subject, topic or skill in a short period… Read more

The Benefits of Virtual Exams: Why Schools Need to Get on Board

Olusola March 14, 2023

The world as we know it has seen a significant shift towards digital transformation and the education sector is no exception. As schools adapt to new ways of learning, it’s… Read more

13 tips to help you pass any examination

Olusola September 7, 2022

An examination can be tricky and funny as well. If you don’t know how to go about an exam, you may obtain a lower score even though you are exceptional.… Read more

Code Xpression (folklight)

steve April 7, 2022

Hello, welcome to Code Xpression trials. This is a sample examination for Code-X coding session by Folklight Studios. This contain over 300 questions for you to practice in a split… Read more

Nigeria general knowledge examination

steve March 31, 2022

Try out the Nigeria general knowledge exam today and you will be glad! It contains topics relating to arts , environmental studies , economy, sports, entertainment, geography among others. This… Read more

Welcome to Exam

Olusola March 28, 2022

Welcome to Examination.com.ng. This is a platform where students take exams and learn about the different examination tips and hints. Learn to win and in the best possible way. Examination.com.ng… Read more